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Discount Codes

Want to give your customers a treat? With Business and Platinum, you can create custom coupons or discount codes for your online store.


Create new Discount Codes by opening the Menu and going to Store > Main > Discount Codes.


Creating discount codes

Click the "Create a new discount code" button to a make a new discount code.


The code name will be the exact code that your customers will use to apply the discount in the checkout, so make it something easy to remember and type. Codes are not case sensitive, so "WinterSale" is the same as "wintersale".


You can then select a value that is either a percentage off or a specific amount of money.


Finally, you can add a minimum amount that the customer must spend in order to be eligible to redeem the discount and specify exactly when a particular code is active.


Managing discount codes

See a list of all your available discount codes by clicking Store in the Menu and then clicking on the Discount Codes tab in the main section. This list will tell you the name and the amount of each discount code, as well as how many times each one was redeemed.


You can delete a discount code by clicking the red x next to the discount you wish to delete.


Redeeming discount codes

To use one of your discounts, a customer will need to enter the correct code in the Discount Code field during the checkout process.

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