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Privacy Policy

You can enter custom text for your website's Privacy Policy by opening the Menu and clicking Settings > Website > Privacy & Security > Privacy Policy and going to the the Custom Privacy Policy at the bottom of the page.



Because the Statistics feature collects data from your users as they browse your site, a link to your Privacy Policy will automatically appear in the Footer of your site when you activate Statistics.


Google Analytics Addendum

In some countries, using Google Analytics requires an informational notice to be included in the privacy policy. You can choose to automatically display Google's informational notice in your privacy policy by clicking the checkbox for Google Analytics notice activated or to deactivate it by unchecking that box.


EU Cookie Directive - Directive 2009/136/EC

Cookies are tiny text files stored on your computer. Most frequently, cookies are stored for the duration of the current session, i.e. until you close your browser, but in some cases they are stored longer than this.


Recent European law – Directive 2009/136/EC – sets out the requirements concerning the informing of website visitors about a website's use of cookies.  Given that it’s a directive, it can be implemented differently in all member states but ultimately the implementation aims to achieve the same goal.


With your Jimdo site you can automatically inform your European visitors and ask for their consent to use cookies upon their first visit to your JimdoSite via the cookie banner and opt-out process. The notice appears as a small message bar at the top of your website. Once they accept, they will not be prompted again. Check the Activate notice box to use this feature.


Please note that this information is not to be understood as “legal counsel”. We cannot and do not offer legal advice and urge you to consult a lawyer in order to discover the necessary implementation procedure and legislation in your applicable country.

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