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Is Your Jimdo Website Unavailable?

Make sure that you check the following:


  • Can you connect to other websites? Try doing a search in Google to make sure your internet connection is working.
  • Are you entering the URL of your Jimdo website correctly?


If you're still having trouble connecting to your website, the problem could be with either one of our web servers or one of our CMS servers. A web server is accessed when someone visits your page. A CMS server is accessed when you're editing your page. 


Note: While we don't offer phone support, we take server issues very seriously and we'll respond to you quickly if you contact us via email.


Our servers very rarely have problems. However, if you see that a server is partially or completely inaccessible, you can be sure that we are working to get it back online as quickly as possible.


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our Support Team


Server Status FAQ

What does this mean for my Jimdo website?

If everything is green, then the server your site is on is accessible—that means your Jimdo website can be viewed and edited with no problem. 


What if a CMS server is not accessible?

This means that you will be unable to edit your website for the moment. Usually this downtime is extremely brief, and your visitors can still see your site. 


Note: If your CMS server is down, your visitors will not be able to place orders in your online store during that brief time.

What if a web server is not accessible?

Your Jimdo site won't be accessible to your visitors, but usually only for a few minutes. If you need to log in to your site, you can always visit this page:


Is my data secure?

Even if one of our servers failed completely, we always have backups of your website to ensure that none of your content is ever lost. We'll get your website back online quickly, and everything will be the same as it was before.


What can I do if one of Jimdo's servers is inaccessible?

In that situation (which is extremely rare), we ask for a bit of patience. We've got an awesome team taking care of our servers, and they are all notified immediately when a server has problems—even in the middle of the night. Rest assured that we're working hard to get everything back online as quickly as possible, and we are really sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you.