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Widget/HTML Elements and HTTPS

We know how important security and safety is to all of our users - it’s a major priority for us here at Jimdo as well.  


Every website that is created using our software is travelling over a secure channel. The connection between your visitor’s browser and your Jimdo website is encrypted by HTTPS, which is essentially a secure layer on top of the usual HTTP web protocol. 


You can see this in the address bar of your internet browser when visiting your Jimdo website:


SSL Example

This protects the privacy of both you and your website visitors.


The encryption within HTTPS is targeted to give benefits such as confidentiality and integrity to everyone who visits your website.


All of your visitors will have their information remain private from prying eyes and potential intruders because only their browser and our server can decrypt the traffic.


In order for all content to be displayed correctly, it is important that the code used in Widget/HTML Elements, along with the Edit Head section is also compatible with HTTPS (e.g. Google Translate, Music Players, Booking Systems etc.).


If your code is not compatible with HTTPS in the Edit Head section or a Widget/HTML Element, please follow these steps:


  • Look in the Head area or in the relevant Widget/HTML Element for a place with the letters "HTTP" without the "S" behind it.
  • Add an "S" behind the "HTTP" so that the line reads "HTTPS".
  • Click Save 

Your code should now be compatible with HTTPS and your Widget should function just fine. 


If you correctly update the coding and your Widget is still not working, it might be due to one of these reasons:


  • Widget isn't supported—Widgets that do not support HTTPS will no longer work. All major providers should have HTTPS widgets now but some smaller providers may not offer this. We’ll keep an up-to-date list of popular non-compatible widgets on the status page:
  • iFrame not compatible—As with widgets, if the iFrame is not HTTPS (SSL encrypted) then it will not work on a HTTPS Jimdo website.


We’re expecting all major third-party Widgets to have HTTPS protection very soon, as beginning January 2017 Google will begin to mark HTTP pages as non-secure.


If you believe that the Widget is compatible with Jimdo and are still having issues, please contact our Support Team for troubleshooting.