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How to add Instagram photos to your website

Instagram is a free smartphone app for sharing photos with your friends and family. With Instagram, you can take a picture or video, choose a filter to transform its look and feel, and post to Instagram. 


It's easy to embed your Instagram photos on your Jimdo website. Follow the steps below to learn how. 


Step 1: Find your photo on Instagram's website

Visit Instagram's website and find the photo that you want to embed. Your photos can be found at[username]. Click on the photo that you want to embed to expand it. Your photos has to be public. 


Step 2: Get the embed code

  1. Click "..." on the bottom-right corner of the photo
  2. Four options will be provided, choose Embed.

Click on the "Copy Embed Code" button in the window that pops up.

Step 3: Paste the code in a Widget / HTML element

Add a new Widget / HTML element to your page by clicking the plus (+) icon and then paste the embed code that you got in Step 2. Click Save and you'll see your embedded photo. 


Step 4: Enjoy beautiful photos on your website!