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What is a subdomain?

A subdomain usually helps identify a unique area of a domain. For example, and are both subdomains of, indicating that you’re going to a special area for email or developer tools. A subdomain is always part of a main domain, and is indicated by putting a word before the domain name.


Can I add or connect a subdomain to my Jimdo site?

At Jimdo, a domain is never set for a specific subpage rather it works for your entire website. This applies to domains registered with Jimdo, external domains that you've connected to your Jimdo site and also for subdomains.


A subdomain, such as ‘’, has no added value for a Jimdo site as it is not restricted to your online shop. For this reason, adding subdomains is not possible, neither internal, nor with external domains.


If you still need to add or connect an external subdomain, send a message to our Support Team by logging in to your Jimdo site and going to Menu > Questions mentioning what you'd like to do and we'll try to find a solution for you.