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Registering a Domain

JimdoPro and JimdoBusiness customers can register a new domain through Jimdo at no additional cost. Currently, we offer domains with the following extensions:


.com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .de, .at, .ch, .fr, .eu, .nl,, .es,, .it, .ru, .рф, .pl, .be,, .se 


If you’d like a different extension for your domain, you can purchase it as a Premium Domain through Jimdo, which will cost a little extra. Check out the full list of available domains on our Prices at Jimdo page.


Please note that domains need to be unique. We recommend that you use a tool like Instant Domain Search to find out if a domain you’d like to purchase is already taken or still available for registration. 


If you already own your domain name, you can skip the steps here and go straight to Using an Existing Domain


How to register your domain

Once you’ve decided on a domain to use with your website, open the Menu and navigate to Settings > Domains & Email > Domains to add your domain under "More Domain Options."



Then, you'll be directed to the Domain Registration Form. You can also find the form by opening the Menu and going to Settings > Domains & Email  > Domains and selecting this next to your new domain.



Fill out the form and check the "Do not display my information in domain owner database (WHOIS)" box if you wish to keep your contact details from being published in the WHOIS database. Then, submit your registration.


After a couple of minutes, we'll send you an email to the address you entered in the Domain Registration Form. Open the email, double-check your details and confirm the domain registration via the confirmation link. Your domain will become active shortly thereafter. 


If you notice any errors in your domain details, such as typos in the domain name or incorrectly entered contact info, make sure to get in touch with our Support Team before confirming your registration.


Changing your domain

Change your mind? Find a typo? If you want to change your domain after confirming it, additional fees will apply for a domain change. The fee for a domain change is listed on our Prices at Jimdo page. 


You can also request a domain change if your business name has changed or you’ve simply changed your mind about which address you’d like to use for your Jimdo website. Please contact our Support Team to request a domain change.


Adding additional domains

With JimdoPro and JimdoBusiness, registering a domain is included in your subscription price. If you've already registered your included domain and would like to add another domain to your site, you have two options:


  1. Connect an externally registered domain to your site at no additional cost.
  2. Register an additional domain through Jimdo at the price listed on our Prices at Jimdo page. To do that, log in to your Jimdo website, open the Menu and go to Settings > Domains & Email > Domains and add your new domain under "More Domain Options." 
  3. Confirm your order in the next step and complete the registration for your new domain following the instructions above.


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