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Managing Email Accounts

Important: Jimdo cooperates with two mail companies. To find the relevant instructions, please click here

Changing your email password

To change the password for your Jimdo email account, open the Menu and go to Settings > Domains and Email > Email Accounts. Click "Change Password" and enter and confirm your new password. Since it's not necessary to enter the current password, this is also the right place to go when you've forgotten your email password.


Deleting your email account

You can delete your email accounts at any time. Open the Menu and go to Settings > Domains and Email > Email Accounts and click "Delete" next to the account that you'd like to remove.


Restoring email accounts

You have the option to restore a deleted email account within 14 days after removing itOpen the Menu and go to Settings > Domains and Email> Email Accounts and click “Add a new account.” Enter the name of the previously deleted email account and choose a password. Then confirm that you want to restore your email account.



Once the 14-day window has passed after deleting an email account, you will no longer be able to restore your email messages. 


Please know that restoring an email account will only restore your messages. Your settings, contacts and calendar events are permanently deleted when you remove an email account and they can’t be restored. 


You can restore your email account even if you have disconnected your domain from your Jimdo site. Your email address will be inactive, but you will still be able to view old messages by logging in at https://webmail.jimdo.comOnce you restore your email, we recommend backing up any information you still need.


Purchasing additional email accounts

Need more accounts than what's included in your subscription? No problem. Click Upgrade in your Site Admin and choose 1 Additional Email Account or the Email Package from the available Extras. The Email Package includes 10 email accounts and 20 aliases (forwarding email addresses). You can check out the prices for additional email accounts here.


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