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Managing your domains


You can manage your domain settings by opening the Menu and clicking Settings > Domains & Email > Domains



You can choose which of your domains should be your primary one. Click Set as Primary Domain next to the domain you wish to be the one that shows up in your visitors' address bar. All domains listed under Domains redirect a visitor to your website, but only the primary one will be shown in the address bar.


You can also change the email servers for your domain by clicking Configure in the Email Server column next to the domain you wish to adjust. You can choose to use Jimdo's email servers, Google Apps, or custom MX records.


To remove an external domain from your domain settings, click on the trash can icon next to it. 


WHOIS Domain Privacy

If you'd like to activate WHOIS Domain Privacy for your domain, you can check the "Do not display my information in domain owner database (WHOIS)" box when registering your domain. This will keep your information from being public. If you've already completed registration for your domain or transferred your domain from another domain registrar to Jimdo, please contact our Support Team. We can activate Domain Privacy for you and mask your information in the public WHOIS database.


WHOIS Domain Privacy can be activated for the following top-level domains included as part of a Pro or Business subscription: .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .eu


To enquire about whether you can activate WHOIS Domain Privacy for a Premium Domain purchased through Jimdo, please contact our Support Team.

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