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A favicon is the small icon that appears in a web browser tab when someone visits your site. It will also appear when someone bookmarks your site. By default, Jimdo websites will have a little Jimdo icon as their favicon, but you can customize this to something of your very own. Many websites use a variation of their logo for their favicons. 




Creating a favicon

You will need a 16x16 pixel or 32x32 pixel image to use for your favicon. You can convert your logo or an icon image to the right dimensions using a free tool like Pixlr. For the highest compatibility with all web browsers, favicon images should be in the .ico file format. 


If you need help converting an image into an .ico, try these sites:


Uploading a favicon

Upload a favicon to your site by opening the Menu and clicking Settings > Website > General > Favicon. Click Upload a Favicon to select an image from your computer, and click Upload.


You should now see your favicon appear in the browser tab when you toggle to View Mode.


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