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Cape Town

Cape Town has lots of space to display your content. Definitely spice it up with a subtle background image that shines through your colored background.

Markus, designer at Jimdo


  • Slide-out vertical navigation
  • Slide-out vertical sub-navigation
  • Sidebar on the bottom
  • Semi-transparent color overlays for background images
  • Separate areas for logo and title in the header
  • 4 design variations


Jimdo template - Cape Town variations

Our advice:


  • Use a background image behind the semi-transparent background color overlays
  • Use large typography for headlines and text to emphasize the template's clean structure
  • Use different but complementary background colors for the content and sidebar areas to differentiate them


  • For websites with a lot of subpages - the navigation is not obvious so your visitors may miss information that's not on the homepage
  • For shop websites - you need a really obvious website structure to ensure that your visitors don't get lost
  • For websites with bright and colorful fonts and background images

Design ideas:

Here are a few examples of other websites using the Cape Town template:


Jimdo template example - Cape Town
Jimdo template example - Cape Town
Jimdo template example - Cape Town

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Jimdo template - Cape Town sign up

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