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Changing Your Template

You can change your Jimdo template as many times as you like, without losing any of your content. Just follow these steps: 


  1. Open the Menu and then click Design > Templates.
  2. Browse the various templates by scrolling through the frame at the top of your site. Your current template is always highlighted on the far left side. 
  3. Find variations for a particular template by clicking the paper stack icon on that template's thumbnail.
  4. Click the template thumbnail or Preview button to see what that template will look like on your own site.
  5. Click Save to accept the template change or click Undo to undo it.


Jimdo Template Selector

Note: Still using an old Jimdo template? In August 2014, we updated all our templates and added lots of new options. While you can keep using old templates, we encourage you to try out the new ones, especially since they support many of our new features.

Is my template old or new? If your current template is named after a city, like Miami, it's a new template. If it's named with a letter and numbers, like F4242, then it's an old template, and it's time to update!


The new template won't be visible to the public until you hit Save. If you accidentally hit Save to accept a template you don't want, just go back to Template in your Site Admin and select your previous template from the menu, then hit Save again. 


Once you save a new template, you will probably want to make small adjustments to your content to make sure everything looks right. Sometimes different templates move content to different areas and it can take a little tweaking to get everything just the way you want it. 


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