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Registration / Log In

There are three ways to access your Jimdo website. Each of these steps are explained thoroughly in the following links:

Log In through your Jimdo website

You can find the Log In link at the bottom right of your Jimdo website, regardless of the design you choose.

Step 1

First, access your website by typing in your domain/URL address into the browser window.  Now click on the Log In option at the bottom right corner of your website.

Step 2

Now enter your credentials (email address/password) to log in in to your website. If you don't have access to a Dashboard yet, then we recommend you signup for one on the window next to the Log In section.

Step 3


You are now logged in to your Jimdo website.

Note: If you have forgotten your password, please reset your password here. here.

Log In through the Jimdo Homepage

If you visit our website , you will find a Log In button on each page at the upper right corner of the screen. If you click on it, a Log In box will open. You can then enter the domain/URL address of your Jimdo website ( or and your password.


After confirming your input, you'll be logged in to your Jimdo website!


Log In with a hidden login extension

As a Pro, Business or Platinum user, you can easily log in to your website even when you have chosen to hide your Log In link.

You can still log in to your website by simply adding the /login extension to end of the URL/domain address of your Jimdo website.



Your Jimdo website is not available?

There may be different reasons why you are unable to access your website. If you're seeing an error message that looks like, ''Oh no! Something went wrong'', it might be because you need to create a Jimdo User Account and connect you website. This guide will show you how. 


If you still receive the error message ''Page could not be loaded'' then please reach out to our Support Team. We will help you as soon as possible. 


Please select your Jimdo package first:



To check if there is a server error, please check our Status page