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 The RSS Feed for Your Jimdo Blog

What is RSS?

RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication" and it dates all the way back to 1995. Basically, it is a technology that makes it easy to stay on top of news from a bunch of different sources.


Say you regularly read 10 different cooking blogs. Every day you hop online and visit one website after another to see if they put up a new blog post.  Doesn't it seem like there should be an easier way to stay up to date? Well there is and it is called RSS.


To start with RSS, you select an RSS reader, which is a small program or online tool that will collect all your news. There are lots of free options like Feedly or Digg Reader. Once you are signed up with a service, you can start adding feeds either by using a content search option or by visiting all of your regular websites and clicking on their subscribe button.  


Now, as soon as any of your websites posts a new article, it is pushed to your RSS reader instead of you having to go out looking for it. Pretty cool, right? 


RSS feeds are standardized and can even be easily embedded into websites. If you find an outside news source that you would like to share with your readers, you can use the RSS Feed Element to embed it right into one of your pages.


How do I use RSS with my blog?

RSS Icon
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Jimdo doesn't want you or your readers to be left out. So as soon as you create a new blog and publish your first post, your website creates its very own RSS feed.


Your blog's RSS feed can be found at or


You can create a text hyperlink to that link or you can download the RSS icon above and add it to your website as a Photo Element. Then link to the Photo Element directly to your feed.


RSS to Email subscription option

You can also offer your visitors the option of subscribing to your email newsletter list. MailChimp offers free and low-cost options and even has an RSS to Email option. This would automatically email your new blog post to your subscribers. 


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