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Creating categories for your Blog posts

Creating categories will allow your visitors to see and track all your published blog posts based on the category topic of your choice.

Activating your Blog page

In order to start creating categories, activating the blog page is necessary. Activate the Blog page and then follow these steps:

  1. Go to Menu> Blog > Categories
  2. Click on New Category and add a category type/name


Each category automatically creates a category subpage under the Blog page in your navigation menu. Here you will see all Blog posts added under a chosen category.

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Assigning Blog posts to categories

If you’ve created a category, you can assign a Blog post:

  1. Go to Blog > Post
  2. Click on a Blog Post > Select Category and choose the desired category from the drop down menu.


Repeat these steps for all blog posts you wish to display for the specified category.

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Note: Blog posts that have no category are uncategorized and only accessible via the blog page.