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Use the Text Element to add basic text blocks to your site. You can add this element directly from the Elements Menu:


Adding a Text Element

Working with Text Elements

Text Elements are just for text—you can't insert other elements like photos, buttons, or videos into a Text Element. So rather than putting all the text on your webpage into one large Text Element, we recommend breaking it up into more than one Text Element. That way you have more flexibility when it comes to inserting photos, buttons, and other elements inbetween them.

For example, by splitting your text into two different Text Elements, you can insert a Button Element between them. 

text elements

Formatting with the Text Editor

Once you add a Text Element, a Text Editor with various formatting buttons will appear. Enter your text into the Text Editor either by typing it directly or copying and pasting the text from another place. Click Save to add it to your site. 

Press the blue [...] button to open up additional text editing options. 

The text editor

With the Text Editor, you can format your text in the same way you would use a word processor like Microsoft Word. Highlight the text you want to format and click the buttons below to do one of the following, then hit Save:


Additional text editing options
  • Make text bold or italic
  • Create a numbered list
  • Create a bulleted list
  • Add or remove text links

  • Undo or redo previous typing
  • Align text left, right, or center
  • Justify your text
  • Adjust font size

  • Indent or unindent text
  • Change the text color/opacity
  • Remove custom formatting
  • Format text with HTML

Hint: If you're looking to make your text larger in order to create a section heading, use a Heading Element instead. 

Note: Any formatting changes you make in a Text Element (such as changing the font size or color) will only apply to that Text Element. If you would like to change the font settings for your entire website, you do that using the Style Editor. More on that below under Styling your Text Elements.

Troubleshooting when you copy and paste text

If you copy-paste text into your website, you might accidentally carry over some formatting from the original source that you don't want. To fix this, you'll need to Remove Formatting


Highlight the text you've pasted, then click on the white eraser icon. This will remove any pre-existing formatting and give you a clean slate to work with. 

How to remove formatting

Styling your Text Elements

Now you know how to use the Text Editor to tweak formatting within Text Elements. If you want to make larger stylistic changes to the fonts on your website, go to Menu and click through Design > Main > Style to switch over to the Style Editor.


Once you're in Style Mode, click on one of your Text Elements. You'll see your font settings pop up at the top of the screen: 


Font Settings for Text Elements

Remember that any changes you make to these font settings will apply to all of your Text Elements. This helps keep your site consistent and means you don't have to change each element individually. 


  • Font: Choose from over 600 Google web fonts. We recommend choosing a simple serif or sans-serif font for your Text Elements because they are easier to read. Save the decorative or cursive fonts for your Heading Elements. For more on selecting the right font, see our Guide to Google Web Fonts.
  • Font size: Choose a font size that's easy to read on the screen. We recommend at least 16px, but the size you choose will depend on the font. 
  • Font color: You can choose any color and opacity level for your font color. We recommend choosing a dark color if you have a light background so it's easy to read. 
  • Line height: Here you can adjust the amount of space between each line of text. Keeping a small amount of white space (about 1.5) between lines will make your text easier to read. 

You can experiment with different fonts and settings and preview them on your site. They will only become live once you hit Save


For more tips on keeping your text easy to read, check out our Checklist for Clear, Readable Website Text


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