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Add a table element

The Table Element works similarly to the Text Element, but also lets you to organize text into columns and rows. For example you might use a Table Element to create a schedule or timeline, post race results, or create a size chart for your online store. If you've used Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet software, you'll recognize many of the settings here.


You can add a Table Element directly from the Elements Menu, after clicking Additional Elements


Formatting the table

Once you add the Table Element, use the buttons to add a new cell, adjust the row and column properties, insert or remove columns and rows, and merge and split cells.


Adjust the settings of a table element

When you add a new row or column, go ahead and type into the new cell—the width will auto-adjust based on the text. 


Table styles

The font settings in your Table Element will match whatever styles you have set for your Text Elements


Within the Table Element, click on the Table Options or Cell Options buttons to adjust the margin size, border color, and background color. 


Table Options

Note: You can only add text to the cells of your tables, not photos or other elements. If you're looking for a way to align elements as if in columns and rows in a table, check out the Columns Element instead.

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