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Store Item

Use the Store Item Element to add items to your online store—one for each product you sell. This is what your customers will use to see the price of an item and add it to their cart. You can add a Store Item Element from the Elements Menu:


Store Item Element

Even though can add more than one Store Item Element to a page, we recommend making a separate page for each one. These will become your product pages. You can then add more text, photos, slideshows, widgets, videos, customer testimonials, or any other information about your product that won't fit into a Store Item Element. You'll also get a unique URL for each product, which will make them easier to share with customers. Read more on setting up product pages on our blog


Each Store Item Element will look something like this:

Store Item Element

For instructions on how to fill out the different settings for a Store Item Element, go to Start Your Store.

Styling a Store Item Element

Using the Style Editor, you can customize the font and color settings to match the design of your website. 


To change these settings for your Store Item Elements, open up your Style Editor by clicking on Design > Style in the Menu. Once the Style Editor is open, click on the part of your Store Item Element that you would like to change:


  • Store Item Name: Change the font, font size, font color, line height, alignment, and capitalization
  • Product Description: Change the font, font size, font color, and line height. Note that whatever font you choose here will also apply to the other parts of your Store Item Element, except for the Store Item Name. 
  • Price: Change the font size, font color, and line height
  •  "Add to Cart" Button: Change the font size and font color of the text, and change the background color, border color, border size and border radius of the button itself. 


Styling Options for Store Item Element

Note: Edit the default text within a Store Item Element (for example changing "Add to Cart" to something else) by going to Settings > Store > Settings and scrolling down to Button Text.

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