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Even though it looks like nothing much at all, white space is actually one of the most important design elements on your website. That's why the Spacing Element is available to add blank space above or below another element. 


This can give your site some much-needed breathing room, or add padding to get elements to line up with one another. 


Add a Spacing Element directly from the Elements Menu:


Add a Spacing Element

Once you add a Spacing Element, choose how tall you want it to be by clicking the up-and-down arrows or typing in the exact number (in pixels). Then hit Save.  


Adjusting the height of a Spacing Element

The Spacing Element is great for adding vertical white space, on top of or underneath other elements. If you need to add white space horizontally (say, in between two elements that are side-by-side), try creating an empty column using the Columns Element.

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