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Share Button

Use the Share Button Element to help visitors share a link to your webpage on their social media networks. 


You can add a Share Button Element directly from the Elements Menu:


Add Share Buttons Element

What are Share Buttons used for?

Share Buttons are typically used on blog posts or store item pages to make it easier for people to share your content. You can put Share Buttons on other pages of your website, too, if you think people might like to share those direct links. If you put Share Buttons in your sidebar or footer, they will automatically share a link to your website's homepage.


Note that if you click on a Share Button, it won't link directly to your social media profile pages. Instead, it provides a shortcut to help people share your link on their own social media accounts. If you would rather add icons with links to your social media profiles ("follow buttons"), check out Linking to Social Media Profiles.


Share Button settings

Once you add a Share Button Element, you'll see the following settings:


Share Button settings
  1. Choose the alignment: left, center, or right. 
  2. Choose the size of the buttons: 16px, 34px, or 64px.
  3. Choose the shape: square, circle, or hexagon.
  4. Choose the style: color, black, or white.
  5. Select the social platforms you would like to include. 

Other options for Share Buttons

Facebook and Google+ Elements

Because Facebook and Google+ are popular choices for Share Buttons, Jimdo offers more features directly in the settings for those elements. 


For example, with these elements you can add Share Buttons that show the exact number of shares or likes. Check out the Google+ Element and the Facebook Element for more details. 


You'll notice that the Share Button Element above doesn't have an icon for Pinterest. That's because with Jimdo, Pinterest sharing happens directly from Photo Elements. Just click the Enable Pinterest Sharing box in your Photo Element settings. 


If you're looking for more options for your Share Buttons, we recommend using AddThis. This third-party tool has even more choices for Share Buttons, both free and paid. 


AddThis Share Buttons are easy to install on your Jimdo website. Sign up on the AddThis website for the buttons you want, copy the code they give you, and paste it into a Widget/HTML Element on your webpage where you want the buttons to appear. 


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