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Use the Guestbook Element to let your visitors leave comments anywhere on your website.

You can add a Guestbook Element directly from the Elements Menu, after clicking Additional Elements

Add Guestbook

Guestbook Settings

You can adjust a number of settings for your Guestbook. After you change your settings, click Save in the bottom right corner.

  • Comment Order: Choose Comments to display most recent entries at the bottom or Guestbook to display most recent entries at the top.
  • Moderate: If this option is turned on, you will get to approve all comments before they appear on your site. You can approve comments by logging in to your site, clicking on the Guestbook Element, and then clicking Approve or Disapprove for each new comment. 
  • Email Notifications: Turn on email notifications to receive an email each time there's a new comment.
  • CAPTCHA: Turn on CAPTCHA to prevent spam. Your visitors will be required to type in the random text that appears in the CAPTCHA box before submitting a comment. 
  • Discussion Active: If the discussion is not active, people will not be able to add more comments.  
  • Avatar Pictures: If this is on, custom profile pictures will appear next to Jimdo users who comment.
Jimdo Guestbook

Guestbooks and commenting with third-party widgets

If you need more complex commenting on your website, or if you have an extensive blog with an active commenting community, there are plenty of third-party commenting systems like Disqus or Facebook Commenting that you can plug in to your Jimdo website instead of using the Guestbook Element. 


For more information on those options, check out blog post commenting.


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