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Use the Google+ Element to integrate various Google+ features with your Jimdo site.

You can add a Google+ Element directly from the Elements Menu after clicking Additional Elements:


Add Google+ Element

Three options for your Google+ Element

The Google+ Element can take on three different forms: a +1 Button, a Share Button, or a Google+ Box. With each option, you can choose the size and how the icon will appear. Here's a rundown of the choices:

+1 Button

When your visitors click a +1 Button on your site, they will show everyone in their Google+ circles that they like what they see, and that they recommend checking it out. Your page will be listed under that person's +1 list, and their friends will see in Google search results that they liked your page. 


Share Button

With the Google+ Share Button, your visitors can easily share a link to your webpage with everyone in their Google+ circles. 

For another way to add a Google+ Share Button, check out the Share Button Element


Google+ Box

The Google+ Box provides a direct link to your Google+ business page or profile. From here, visitors can follow your page or add you to their circles. 


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