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Blog Display

Use the Blog Display Element to display previews or full versions of the blog posts you've created. This is what you would use to create a feed of posts on your website. 


Note: To learn more about setting up a blog on your Jimdo website, visit the Blog section of the Support Center.

To display a list of blog posts on any page of your website, follow these steps: 

  1. Add the Blog Display Element where you want your list of blog posts to appear.
  2. Click the Teaser tab to show an excerpt of each of your blog posts in the Blog Display Element, or click the Posts tab to show the full text.
  3. Set the Number of blog posts you'd like to display in this element.
  4. Set the Spacing in pixels between each blog post.
  5. Choose to Sort the blog posts by newest post first or oldest post first.
  6. Set the Teaser Length if you've decided to display only teasers of blog posts. The teaser length corresponds to the number of elements that will be displayed, starting from the top of the blog post.
  7. Set the Tags—separated by spaces—that you'd like to display in this element. Only blog posts with these tags will be displayed.

If you only want to show the first sentence of a blog post in the teaser, put the first sentence in a separate Text Element at the top of your blog post and set the teaser length to 1.


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