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Working with Elements

Elements are the basic building blocks of a Jimdo website. You will use elements to add different pieces, like headings, text, and photos. There's a full list of elements on our Jimdo Basics page. 


On this page we'll go over how to add, copy, delete and move elements—and you'll be building your site in no time!


Adding an element

To get started, the first step is to add an element. Log in to your website, and hover your mouse over the place on the page where you'd like to add something. You'll see a black box appear where your mouse is that says + Add Element.


Add element

When you click on that, an Elements Menu will appear with your different choices. For more options, click the blue Additional Elements button. 

elements menu
The Elements Menu

You can add up to 200 elements per page, but you probably won't need that many—adding a lot of elements will significantly slow down the loading of your page. 


Each element you add will have a small menu bar on its left side. This is where you can move, delete, or copy the element. 

Deleting elements

Click on the trashcan icon to delete.

Copying elements

Click on the overlapping squares icon to copy an element. 

Moving elements

Click on the up and down arrows to move an element above or below other elements on the page. 

Moving elements

Moving elements to a different place on the page

To move an element to a different place on the same page, click and hold the crosshairs on the right side of the element, and drag the element to another position on the page.


Using the Clipboard to move an element to another page

To move an element to a different page entirely:

  1. Click and hold the crosshairs on the right side of the element.
  2. Drag the element to the top of the page. You'll see a black clipboard drop down, where you can drop the element. 
  3. Use the links in your navigation to go to the page where you want to put this element
  4. Drag the element out of the Clipboard and into the right position on the new page. 

You can also use the Clipboard to store elements you're not using at the moment, but that you don't want to delete. 


Arranging elements on your webpage

Once you get the hang of adding and moving elements, you'll see that there are tons of ways to position them on your page. By using different elements together, you start to create a fully-formed website. 


In the example below, see how a Heading Element, Photo Element, Text Element, Button Element, and Columns Element can all come together:


arranging elements

A few tricks to keep in mind:

  • To put elements side-by-side, use a Columns Element
  • To add more vertical space between two elements, use a Spacing Element.
  • Remember that elements in your Sidebar will appear on every page of your website. 

The Jimdo Elements

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