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Setting Up An Email Newsletter

Regularly sending an email to all of your subscribers and keeping them updated on new arrivals in your online store, new blog posts on your site, or general news about your company is a great way of keeping in touch with your customers and site visitors. 


Creating a MailChimp account

We recommend using MailChimp to manage your subscribers and send out awesome newsletters. Sign up here (it's free!). You'll be able to create a newsletter by selecting one of MailChimp's templates and choosing which subscribers to send the email to. MailChimp is a pretty intuitive email marketing tool, but if you have any questions, peek into their Knowledge Base to find answers. 


There are other email marketing services out there too, but we swear by MailChimp and even use it for our Jimdo newsletter, too!


Adding a signup form to your Jimdo site

Once you've created your MailChimp account, you'll want to give your website visitors the chance to sign up for your newsletter. Log in to your MailChimp account, choose a list from the "Lists" tab, then click "Signup Forms." We highly recommend opting for an "Embedded Form" (more on that later). 


In the next step, create your form and copy the code that MailChimp will kindly generate for you. Then, paste that code into a Widget/HTML Element on your Jimdo site. Where's the best place to put it? We recommend adding the signup form to the sidebar of your site. This way it will be visible on every page. If you added custom styling to your MailChimp form, you may want to paste the CSS styling part of the code into your website's Head section. Once you've done all this, you're all set! Each new subscriber will automatically be added to your MailChimp subscribers list. 


To pop-up or not to pop-up?

When generating your Signup Form within your MailChimp account, you might be tempted to pick the pop-up version rather than the "Embedded Form." Pop-ups are hard to ignore, which is why website visitors don't necessarily like them, but they are still more likely to get you to sign up for a company's newsletter. So why not go for a pop-up signup form? There is one simple reason: pop-up forms use JavaScript, which can be added to a Jimdo website, but may cause your site editor to stop functioning properly. Unfortunately, we've seen quite a few people experiencing issues with the MailChimp pop-up form, even when added to the site correctly. 


Alternatives to the MailChimp pop-up form

That said, pop-up forms are not generally bad. If you'd like to add a pop-up signup form for your MailChimp newsletter to your Jimdo site, there are a few pop-up forms that tend to work better with Jimdo than MailChimp's own code. 


Here's some cool ones that we recommend:


If you do run into any issues because the code you've added doesn't mesh well with your Jimdo site, please contact our Support Team and we'll help you get that sorted out.

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