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Your Subscription


Pro, Business and Platinum package customers can find information about their subscription and billing details by clicking on the three-point symbol located at the bottom of the menu.


Note: Pro, Business and Platinum package customers who have not yet signed up to the Dashboard account can find information about their subscription and billing details by opening the menu and clicking My Account>Subscription.

The Subscription Info screen will show you all the details about your current subscription, including domains you have registered, order date, subscription duration, package, and new invoice date.


You can use the links from this page to make changes to your subscription and update your information. This is also where you can cancel your subscription.


You can purchase additional domain names for your website and additional email accounts in the Add-ons section. 

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Subscription owner and invoice recipient

Pro, Business and Platinum package customers can update their billing details by opening the Menu and navigating to My Account > Subscription. After scrolling down to the subscription owner and invoice recipient section, you’ll see a link that you can click on to update your account information.


To change the owner of the account, click the link and complete the form.


Note: If you need to change the company/organization or individual name in the subscription information, please contact our Support Team.

Billing email address

Jimdo will use your billing email address to send renewal notices and any communication regarding invoices and payments. Make sure to enter a working email address here and update it when necessary, as all renewal reminders will be sent to this address.


Your billing email address can be different from the standard email address you keep on file for support and other alerts.


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