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Your Email Address

It's really important to provide us with a current email address for your website—otherwise you may not receive all important notifications about your account!


If the email address that you signed up with is no longer valid or you would like to use a different email account to receive messages, you can update it by opening your Dashboard and clicking on Profile


Your email address

We use your primary email address to contact you for anything related to your Jimdo website, such as new guestbook entries or shop orders. 


This email address will be the one that you need access to in case you ever lose your password. If you contact our Support Team, you should write from this address in order to prove that you are the owner of the website. 


Please note that there is a different email address setting that is specifically for billing purposes. Please update the billing email address if you would like your invoices sent elsewhere.

Note: To be safe, we recommend using an email address that does not rely on the domain of your Jimdo website. So if you registered, please do not use any email address This will ensure that you will still be able to contact us even if there is a problem with your website or email account.

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