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Pausing Your Subscription

Sometimes you need a break. Maybe your business is shifting focus, or you simply don't have time to work on your website right now. If you already registered a domain and started using an email account through Jimdo, you may want to consider pausing your subscription rather than canceling it outright.


Selecting Jimdo's Pause Package lets you to keep your domains safely registered with Jimdo and continue to use your email accounts. Your website will display an "Under Construction" message to the public, but you can still log in to access your content and continue to make changes.


Pausing your website is easy. Open the Menu and go to My Account > Subscription. Then click the "Cancel your subscription" option. 


You will then be able to switch to a Pause Your Website Package.


Pause Your Website details

  • Enjoy significant savings from your standard Pro, Business and Platinum packages
  • Continue to edit your website and use your email
  • Pausing will begin at the end of your current subscription term and will be billed annually
  • Re-upgrade to Pro, Business or Platinum at any time by logging in and selecting the Upgrade option


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