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Why Is My Site Blocked?

If your site isn't loading, there are a few different reasons why you might see an error message.

Create a Jimdo User Account

If you're seeing an error message that looks like, ''Oh no! Something went wrong'', it might be because you need to create a Jimdo User Account


Follow the steps below to set one up:

  1. Type your domain in the address bar of your browser and add ''/login'' at the end. Here's an example:
  2. This will take you to Jimdo's login page. At this point your can enter your password and then click on Login.
  3. Click on ACTIVATE NOW and then follow the steps to create a Jimdo account.
  4. Log into your new account and you can then access Edit Mode of your website again.


This should resolve the issue and your page should be back up and running. If you still receive the error message ''Page could not be loaded'' then please reach out to our Support Team.

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