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FAQs about our Discount codes

Great to hear you’re interested in a new Jimdo website! We know that ordering a subscription and discount codes can raise some questions. To answer some of those, we’ve put together a set of FAQs on how to redeem discount codes and general information about our discount campaigns. 

How can I use the discount code?

When ordering a new Pro, Business or Platinum subscription, enter the discount code after selecting the term of the subscription and click on the Redeem button - this step is very important! Doing this will show you a reduced bill amount for the subscription. You can then continue with your order.

Can I use the discount code on the renewal of my existing Pro/Business/Platinum website?

Discount codes only apply to new Pro, Business or Platinum subscriptions and can’t be used for renewals.

Why do I see the regular price at the time of ordering a Pro, Business or Platinum subscription? Why doesn’t the discount code reduce the amount on the bill?

This can be due to several reasons. Please make sure to check for the following:

  • You’re upgrading a Free website to Pro/Business/Platinum
  • You’re signing up for a Pro/Business/Platinum website
  • You’re not upgrading from a Pro to a Business/Platinum website
  • You’re not ordering an additional product or add-on
  • You’ve entered the code correctly and clicked on Redeem at the time of checkout

I just purchased a Pro/Business/Platinum website. Can I apply the discount later?

Sorry, applying discount codes after a purchase isn’t possible.

If a problem occurred during checkout, you can get in touch with our Support Team directly from your website by going to Menu > Questions. Don’t forget to enter the discount code in your message.

Can I upgrade my Pro website to Business/Platinum with a discount code?

Discount codes can only be used for upgrades from Free to Pro/Business/Platinum. Using a discount code for an upgrade from Pro to Business/Platinum isn’t possible.

Is the discount code applicable on a Pro/Business/Platinum subscription renewal?

Discount codes are only applicable for the first term of your Pro/Business/Platinum subscription. In the case of renewal for later terms, we charge the regular price which is valid at the time of the subscription renewal.

Can I use the discount code on ordering additional products?

Sorry, discount codes can’t be used for purchasing additional products or add-ons.

I already have a Pro/Business/Platinum website. Can I use the discount code to create a new website with Jimdo?

Of course! We’re happy to know that you’d like to create another Jimdo website. You can use the discount code when you're ready to checkout for your new Pro/Business/Platinum website.