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Getting Started with Jimdo

for 99designs Logo & Hosted Website customers

Welcome to Jimdo. Your contest included a 1-year subscription for the Pro package which covers your website, the editing tool, and the domain hosting for the first subscription term.


At this point, you should have approved the website that your designer created and been emailed your password so that you can log in and make changes to your site.


Let's get started!


Editing your website

Setting your password and logging in

You can log in to your website for the first time by clicking on the button in the email you received or in the Files tab of your contest. The Jimdo system will prompt you to create a password. You can change this at any time from the settings area of your website.


For future visits to your site, add "/login" to your website address and enter your password.  If you ever forget your password, you can recover it using the "forgot your password" link on that page and entering your email address.


If you are still working with your designer on your website, you will need to share this password with them so they can make new changes to your site. When they are done, update the password to remove their access.


Making changes to your site

Using the Jimdo editor to add your content is easy.  You will want to go through each page of your website and update any headings, paragraphs, or images that may still contain placeholder information.

 Read our tutorial and watch the video below to learn how.


For more basics, read the articles from the Quick Start Guide.

Setting up your domain

Connecting a domain you already own

If you already have a domain that you have purchased elsewhere, you can easily use it with your new Jimdo website.  


To start, log in to your website and go to Domains & Email > Domains.  Now add your domain using the button.  Once this is complete, the Jimdo servers will be looking for your domain, but you will still have to tell the domain to point at the Jimdo servers.


Next log into your domain provider.  The fastest and easiest way to connect your domain is to update the nameservers and point them at: and


Note that if you are already using your domain for email, any accounts you have will break when you update the nameservers. If you would like to continue to use your existing email and just point the web portion of your domain to Jimdo, you can point the domain by using a CNAME.  


Use your domain provider's tools to add a CNAME for "www" and point it at your Jimdo website's address (it will look like something like this:
(do not copy this example)


You can connect as many domains to your website as you like. Each domain will take you to your website's homepage and then the browser's address bar will display the primary domain that you set in the Domains & Email > Domains area.

Our Support Center has more information about connecting domains.  


Registering a new domain

If you would like a new domain name for your website, you can select an available domain and register it from the settings of your Jimdo website.


Go to Domains & Email > Domains to add your domain under "Add a new domain".  While your JimdoPro subscription does include a domain hosting credit for the first subscription term, some country specific domain types require an additional charge. See full details about domain registration on our Support Center.


Create and access your email account

If you need one or more email accounts, you can purchase additional email accounts a la carte or in bundle form. You can purchase and create an email account by logging into your website and going to Domains & Email > Email accounts.


Here is more information about creating email accounts and forwarding email addresses


Please read this article for full directions on how to access your new email account

Optimizing your site for search engines

Update your site and page titles

You may have noticed the 99designs version of your website address may appear in the tab of your website browser or in the search results for your website.  You can fix this by updating the Site Title and Page Titles for each page of your website.



To do this, log in to your website and click on the SEO link in the Site Admin menu.  This will open the Search Engine Optimization Panel for that page of your website. Go ahead and click on "Edit Site Title"  and update that to your business name.  Then return to the SEO panel and add a page title and description.  Repeat this process for every page of your website. 


Our Support Center has more information about Search Engine Optimization and how to get the best results on Google.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does my designer still have access to my website?

No. When you approved the website via 99designs, the designer lost access to your website. If you like, you can share your password with them to allow them to make more changes. Then when they are done, change your password from the Settings area.

How do I publish my website?

There is no need to publish your website—it's already live! You can view it anytime by entering your domain into your browser's URL field. Any changes you make are live as soon as you hit save.

Can I change my template?

Sure! You can use our Template Filter to help select the best template for you. However, please note that your designer only styled your customized template, so if you choose a different template, all of their customization will disappear. Not to worry - your content won't be affected and you can always go back to your designer's template by choosing it in the Template Picker. Click the reset button to go back to your designer's customization if you've changed the style of your template.

How do I improve my search engine ranking?

There are several tools built into your Jimdo website that you can use to improve your search engine ranking. You can learn how to improve your SEO using on-page and off-page tools in our extensive SEO tutorial.

What if I want to sell more than 15 store items at a time?

If you want to sell more than 15 store items at a time, you will need to upgrade to the JimdoBusiness subscription. JimdoBusiness allows you to have an unlimited number of store items for sale.

Can you build the rest of my site for me?

Jimdo is a do-it-yourself website builder, so we aren't able to build the rest of your website for you. However, you can pick a Jimdo expert to help you build the rest of your website for an additional cost or you can talk to your current designer or another Jimdo certified designer about working on your website as a 1-to-1 Project.

Can I edit my website on my mobile device?

Sure! Just download our iOS or Android app, and you can edit your website wherever you are directly from your phone or tablet. You can read more about our mobile apps before downloading them.

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