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Welcome to Jimdo

You are now the proud owner of a Jimdo website. Congratulations!

Follow the suggestions below to get started with your new website. For more information, click on the tabs above, or feel free to contact our Support Team anytime.


Getting started

We are excited to have you on board. Lets get started with your new site. Here are the first steps:

1. Log In

Log in to you new website through your 99designs profile. Simply click on the Edit Website button.


2. Choose a Password

You should be prompted to choose a password as soon as you log in to your website. Choose a secure password that you can remember, and keep it in a safe place. You can change your password anytime, or recover your password if you lose it.

3. Accessing Your Website

Once you've chosen a password, you can start logging in directly through your website. Go to or click on the Login link at the bottom of your site. You can also log in by going to and clicking on the Login link in the top right corner.


Customize your website

Now that your site is set up, you can begin adding your content to personalize the website further. Go through each page of your site and add in the text, photos, forms, store items, and anything else that you'd like.


Using the Jimdo editor to add your content is easy. Read our tutorial and watch the video below to learn how.


For more basics, read the articles from the Quick Start Guide.

Register a domain

Once you're ready for people to start visiting your website, it's time to register a custom domain:

  1. Log in to your Jimdo site.
  2. Click the Settings button in the Site Admin.
  3. Navigate to the Email and Domain Management area and click the Domains button.
  4. Click the Order Now button under Additional Domain (the first domain is included in your 99designs package).
  5. Enter your desired domain into the Additional Domain field and click on the Check Availability button.
  6. If your desired domain is available, click on the Order Now button; otherwise, choose a different domain.
  7. Fill out the domain registration form - you will be redirected to it, or find it later by going to Settings > Email and Domain Management > Domain Registration.


If you already own a domain, you can either transfer it to Jimdo, or keep it registered with your current domain registrar and connect it to your Jimdo website.


 A domain is the address that will be accessible to your visitors and indexed by search engines. If you need help choosing a domain name for your website, read our blog post for tips.


Your Jimdo subscription

By purchasing a Jimdo website through 99designs, you have been registered for a JimdoPro subscription.

Say Hello to JimdoPro

JimdoPro is our most popular package because it's the easiest and most affordable way to get started with a professional website. JimdoPro includes:

  • 1 custom domain included for the first year
  • 3 email forwarding addresses
  • up to 15 store items

Subscription Renewal

You are signed up for one year of JimdoPro. Two weeks prior to your renewal date, we'll send you a renewal payment reminder email. At that time, you can make the payment to keep your JimdoPro subscription for another year. Your renewal payment is not automatically processed.


To cancel your subscription, please contact our support team.

You can also purchase additional domains and email accounts à la carte, or upgrade to JimdoBusiness for additional features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my designer still have access to my website?

No. When you approved the website via 99designs, the designer lost access to your website. If you like, you can share your password with them to allow them to make more changes. Then when they are done, change your password from the Settings area.

How do I publish my website?

There is no need to publish your website—it's already live! You can view it anytime by entering your domain into your browser's URL field. Any changes you make are live as soon as you hit save.

Can I change my template?

Sure! You can use our Template Filter to help select the best template for you. However, please note that your designer only styled your customized template, so if you choose a different template, all of their customization will disappear. Not to worry - your content won't be affected and you can always go back to your designer's template by choosing it in the Template Picker. Click the reset button to go back to your designer's customization if you've changed the style of your template.

How do I improve my search engine ranking?

There are several tools built into your Jimdo website that you can use to improve your search engine ranking. You can learn how to improve your SEO using on-page and off-page tools in our extensive SEO tutorial.

What if I want to sell more than 15 store items at a time?

If you want to sell more than 15 store items at a time, you will need to upgrade to the JimdoBusiness subscription. JimdoBusiness allows you to have an unlimited number of store items for sale.

Can you build the rest of my site for me?

Jimdo is a do-it-yourself website builder, so we aren't able to build the rest of your website for you. However, you can pick a Jimdo expert to help you build the rest of your website for an additional cost or you can talk to your current designer or another Jimdo certified designer about working on yoru website as a 1-to-1 Project.

Can I edit my website on my mobile device?

Sure! Just download our iOS or Android app, and you can edit your website wherever you are directly from your phone or tablet. You can read more about our mobile apps before downloading them.

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