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How to create an under construction page.

If you're still working on your site and don't want your visitors to see the uncompleted version, follow the the steps in this article to create an under construction page.

Step 1

Click Edit Navigation, then Add a new page and name it Under Construction. Make this page the home page of your site by clicking the Up arrow next to it until it reaches the top of the list, as in the screenshot below. 


Step 2

Hide the other pages of your site by clicking the eyeball icon next to each of them. You will still be able to see these pages when you are editing your site, so you'll be able to work on them even though your visitors cannot see them. 



The pages on your site still exist when you hide them, and they can be accessed by anyone who knows the direct URL, e.g.

Step 3

On your new Under Construction page, write a message to let visitors know that your site is still in development. If possible, let them know when you expect the website to be finished. 


Continue to work on your site until it is completed. When you're done, un-hide all of the hidden pages and delete your Under Construction page by clicking Edit Navigation and then selecting the trash can icon next to that page. 



Any content that you add to the Sidebar of your site will show up on every page, including the Under Construction page. Consider waiting to add content to your Sidebar until you're ready to launch your site.


In addition to hiding your pages, you can also set them as Password-Protected Areas so that no one can access them even if they know the direct URL.