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How to add search to your website.

To add a search bar to your website, we recommend using an existing search engine like Google or Swiftype.

Google Search

Step 1

Go to and fill in the details about your search. You can choose from the free, ad-based version or a paid search from Google.

Step 2

Copy the code for the search provided by Google, and go back to your Jimdo website.



Make sure to use the V1 Code by clicking the link seen in the screenshot below.

Step 3

Log into your website and go to the page or pages where you would like to insert a search bar. Add a new Widget / HTML element and paste in the code.



If your website is fairly new, chances are that Google hasn't indexed any of your pages yet. If this is the case, using Google Custom Search might not work for you until that happens first.  


For cases like this, we suggest trying out Swiftype.  With Swiftype, you don't have to wait for your website to be indexed by Google; you can have it crawl your website and make it searchable within a few minutes. It also includes statistics among other features.


Adding Swiftype to Jimdo tutorial