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How to add Pubble to your website

Pubble is a community engagement platform that you can use to put a Q&A application on your Jimdo website. Visitors to your website will be able to ask questions directly on your website and get answers from you and other members of the community. 


Read on to learn how to embed Pubble on to your website, or watch the video below. 


Step 1: Register on Pubble's website

Visit Pubble's website and click "Get Started" to sign up for a new account. 


Step 2: Choose your display style

Decide whether you want your Q&A widget to display on the page itself (On Page) or to display a pop up window when a link is clicked (Pop Up). 


Step 3: Get a universal embed code

Choose "Universal Embed Code" and copy the snippet of code that is provided to you. 


Step 4: Paste the code into a Widget / HTML element

Paste the code from Step 3 in to a new Widget / HTML element, then Save your changes. If your widget doesn't appear immediately, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click View