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How to add Disqus comments to your website

Disqus is an advanced comment system that can be integrated directly on your Jimdo website. Disqus features include:

  • Threaded comments
  • Easy comment moderation
  • Comment ranking
  • Commenters can login via social media sites
  • Commenters can follow conversations



Try using Disqus comments in place of the built-in blog comments. You can disable the default comments on your blog posts by clicking on the title, and toggling the option to "No."

Step 1

Sign up for Disqus. If you already have an account, login and head over to Settings > Install.


Step 2

Choose the Universal Code option.


Step 3

Copy the first block of code. It should be in this format:


Step 4

Paste the embed code into a Widget/HTML element on your Jimdo site.



When you first add Disqus comments to your website, you'll notice that it contains ads. To remove those, log back in to your Disqus account, go to Settings > Discovery, choose the Just comments option, and save using the button at the bottom.