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How to add a LinkedIn badge to your website.

LinkedIn is a professional social networking tool where you can set up your professional profile online for other people and companies to explore. Think of it like an online résumé, with recommendations from old bosses and professors included.


You can connect to other professionals in your "network," search for and apply to available jobs, and even join groups of like-minded people exploring a variety of subjects.


One great way to promote your LinkedIn profile is by adding a LinkedIn badge to your website! This allows your website visitors to easily access your LinkedIn profile to verify your professional status and connect to you. Follow these four easy steps to add your LinkedIn profile badge to your JimdoPage:


Step 1 - Log in to your LinkedIn profile.

Go to and login!

Step 2 - Choose a Badge

There are almost a dozen different badges that you can choose from. View all of the available choices on the profile badge page.


You can get there manually by going to Profile > Edit Profile, then clicking on "Edit" next to your public profile URL (at the bottom of the grey box), and "Create a profile badge" on the right-hand side under Profile Badges.


Step 3 - Copy the Code

Copy the custom HTML code in the box next to your chosen profile badge.

Step 4 - Add it to Your Website

Add a Widget / HTML element to your website, wherever you would like the LinkedIn profile badge to show up.


Next, paste the custom HTML code that you just copied into the empty element field and hit Save.