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Tutorials are step by step instructions to help you go beyond the basics and add additional features to your website. Browse the categories below to find a tutorial that interests you.


Using Jimdo

Jimdo makes it easy to create a website, but certain advanced features may not be obvious. We've written tutorials for these advanced functions and presented them for you here:


  1. Moving to Jimdo.
  2. How to use the Sidebar of your website.
  3. How to create an Under Construction page.
  4. How to create a blog archive page.
  5. How to create a multilingual website.
  6. How to create anchor links.
  7. How to make store item pages for the Jimdo store.


Website Design

Jimdo has a lot of functionality built in, but we want to offer even more for our design experts. The tutorials below offer advanced website design for expert users:


  1. How to modify Jimdo templates with CSS
  2. How to set different backgrounds for different pages.
  3. How to make a one page website
  4. How to make sections of a web page with full-width backgrounds 


Apps and Plugins