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Accepting Credit Cards and Payments

One important step to starting your store is to turn on a payment method. You can turn on the available options by going to Settings > Store > Payment Options.


PayPal is the only option that will allow you to accept payment online through your website (although there are more options in some European countries).


Using the PayPal payment processor, you can accept all major credit and debit cards and you need a free Paypal Payments Standard business account (the paid PayPal Pro accounts will not work with Jimdo). 


Jimdo does not collect a fee from any of your online sales, although PayPal does take a small fee to process your transactions.


Note: A Payment Options Plus add-on is available for Pro and Business customers in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The add-on includes three additional payment options to supplement the PayPal option included with the subscription: Sofort Überweisung, Paymill, and PostFinance. You can find further information and setup instructions in our German Support Center.

Setting up PayPal

Once you have a PayPal account, you will need to collect a few special pieces of information called API Credentials and add them to the Payment Options settings.

Use the PayPal API tool to get the necessary information. All you will need to do is go to that link and enter your PayPal email address and password to get the codes. Copy and paste the API Username, API Password, and API Signature into the fields on the Settings > Store > Payment Options section.

Once this is complete, your website will be able to accept all credit card payments. The customer will be taken to a PayPal screen to enter their credit card information at the correct time in the checkout process. This allows your website to use the PayPal SSL certificates and other security precautions instead of having to put those costly and confusing features directly into Jimdo.

Test Order

In order to test that your online store is operating the way that you want it to, you can activate the Test Order option in the payment methods.  This will allow you to switch to View Mode and place a test order.  You will walk through the entire checkout procedure except for the PayPal payment screen.  

Remember to deactivate the Test Order option after you tweak your settings to your liking.

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