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Selling online with Jimdo is extremely simple. After setting up your store, you can add Store Items and Store Catalogs to showcase your products, and then manage your orders and inventory by clicking Store in the Site Admin.


Below you will find an overview of the Jimdo online store feature.


When you're ready to start building your store, check out our Store Setup Guide.


Setting Up Shop

Start by configuring your Store Settings. You will need to consider everything on the following list: 


  1. What Payment Options do you want to offer?
  2. How will you configure your Shipping Costs?
  3. Will you offer International Shipping?
  4. What will your TOS & Return Policy be?
  5. What will the Emails you send to your customers say?
  6. What information will you collect in the Checkout Form?



If you are getting an error that your store is not completely set up, it could be because you have not filled out your Personal Profile.

Designing Your Digital Storefront

With your Store Settings out of the way, it's time to figure out how you want to display your Store Items on your website. Here are some of our recommendations:


  • Put each Store Item element on its own page. If you have a lot of Store Items, but don't want links to all of them to show up in the Navigation, you can hide them. This is a good idea when they are subpages of their respective category pages.
  • Use Store Catalogs to display thumbnails of your Store Items
  • Adjust your Store Styles to get the look that fits your brand.


Managing Your Online Store

After you add your first Store Item to your website, there will be a new button in the Site Admin with a shopping cart graphic. Click this button at any time to manage your Orders and Inventory.