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Mobile View

Activate the Mobile View for your site by clicking Settings > Website > Mobile View, checking the box next to Activate mobile view, and selecting a Mobile View from the choices below.


To the right, you will see a preview of what your site will look like on a mobile device. In this preview you can browse through your entire website.



The Mobile View is optimized for mobile devices with smaller screens. By using a specialized layout and rearranging the Elements on your page, the Mobile View creates a great experience for people viewing your site on a mobile device.


Your visitors can always switch to the desktop version by clicking Standard View at the bottom of each page in the Mobile View.



Those familiar with HTML and CSS can create a custom mobile layout by checking "Edit CSS" at the bottom of this window.

Google's Mobile-Friendly Test

Google provides a service through which you can check whether your Jimdo site is optimized for mobile devices. Simply go to and enter your website's URL with /?mobile=1 attached to the end (e.g. ).