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Dropbox is an online backup service you can use to store files online. After uploading files to Dropbox, they are accessible on any computer that is connected to the internet. You can read more about Dropbox here.


By connecting your Dropbox account with Jimdo, you can easily add photos, PDFs, and other files to your site from any computer.


Connecting Your Dropbox Account

You can connect your Dropbox account to your Jimdo website by following these steps:


  1. Click Settings > Apps > Dropbox.
  2. Click Connect your Dropbox account and your Jimdo site.
  3. If you aren't logged in to your Dropbox account already, log in now.
  4. Click Allow when asked to confirm that you would like to connect your Dropbox account with Jimdo.



You can disconnect your Dropbox account at any time by clicking Settings > Apps > Dropbox and selecting Disconnect from Dropbox.



Anyone who has access to the login information for your Jimdo site will also be able to access all of the files in a linked Dropbox account.

Adding Files from Dropbox

You can access your Dropbox account from many Jimdo Elements that ask you to upload a file from your computer. This includes the following Elements: Photo, Photo Gallery, Text with PhotoStore Item, and File Download. You can also select a custom Header logo from your Dropbox.


As an example, you can add a file from your Dropbox to a Photo element by following these steps:

  1. Click on an existing Photo element or add a new one with the plus sign (+) icon.
  2. Click the Dropbox button.
  3. Choose a file from your Dropbox.
  4. Click Select.



When you add a file to your Jimdo site from your Dropbox, Jimdo makes a copy of the file. Therefore, when you make a change to the file in your Dropbox, it will not change the file on your Jimdo site.