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Alt Text

Alt text (short for alternative text) is text provided with an image that describes what the image portrays. Because search engines cannot "read" images, they instead look at the alt text that is provided with the image to get a sense of what it depicts. It's important that you provide alt text for all of your images.



Alternative text is also very helpful for people with visual impairments, who use screen readers that read aloud the contents of a website. When a screen reader comes across an image, it reads the image's alternative text so that the person listening has a sense of what is displayed.

Adding Alt Text to Images

You can add alt text to images uploaded through the Photo element, the Text with Photo element, and the Photo Gallery element


Photo Element

To add alt text to a Photo element, follow these steps:


  1. Add a new Photo element.
  2. Upload an image. 
  3. Click the Caption and Alternative Text button.
  4. Enter a descriptive phrase in the Alternative Text field.
  5. Click Save.


Wikipedia has an excellent article about how to write good alternative text.

Text with Photo Element

To add alt text to a Text with Photo element, click on the Photo tab and then follow the steps described above for adding alt text to the Photo element


Photo Gallery Element

To add alt text to a Photo Gallery element, follow these steps:


  1. Add a new Photo Gallery element.
  2. Uploaded one or more images.
  3. Toggle the View of the Photo Gallery to see the list view. 
  4. Enter a caption for each image—this caption will show up once someone clicks the image and is also used as the alt text
  5. Click Save.