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Images for Your Website

Strong communication requires strong imagery. However, finding high-quality free images isn't easy: you need to pay attention to copyright and attribution requirements, and often free images just aren't good enough.


Here are some great resources for high-quality images you can use on your site!


Free Image Resources

Google Search

Google provides an advanced image search that allows filtering for usage rights. Just set the filter to the appropriate usage rights for your needs, and the only images that will show up in the results are the ones you can use.


Need help adding images to your website? Try adding an image to your content area, or change your background.

Online Photo Tools


A simple online photo editor that provides tools to edit and touch up photos, or create a collage.


Choose from the Editor, Express, or O-Matic, depending on your skill level and needs.


An easy and elegant photo slideshow maker that also works on mobile. Just upload, customize, and share.


Use this compression tool to make your images smaller and thus quicker to load, while maintaining their high quality.


Other Visuals

Infographics and other visuals can be great tools to creatively display statistics and information. However, they can be difficult to make from scratch or costly to purchase. Try these easy DIY builders instead:


Drag-and-drop to create presentations, posters, and social media graphics.

Build infographics, choosing from customizable templates and graphs.

Recite This

Turn any quote into a great poster or inspirational image for social media.