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Store Catalog

Use the Store Catalog element to display Store Items with the same Tags in a Gallery, List, or Slider format on your website.



It's usually best if your Store Item elements each have their own page and your Store Catalog elements are never on the same page as a Store Item.

Store Catalog Settings

To set up a Store Catalog somewhere on your website, follow these steps:


  1. Choose your Display: Gallery, List, or Slider.
  2. Choose your Image Size: (S)mall, (M)edium, (L)arge, E(X)tra (L)arge.
  3. Set the Image Spacing to decide many pixels of space should be between each Store Item in the Catalog.
  4. Set the Proportions for the Images: Whether they will be cropped as a square or not.
  5. Choose the Style: Each Display format has 6 different Styles. Experiment to see which one works best for you. 
  6. Set the Display Options: Check the boxes to hide the Title or the Price of Store Items in the Store Catalog.
  7. Set the Sort Order for items in the catalog: by name, price, recently added, or popularity.
  8. Click the Tags you wish to include in the Store Catalog. Only Store Items with these Tags will be displayed. 
  9. Set the Number of Store Items you wish to display in the Store Catalog.
  10. Click Save.