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Widget / HTML

Use the Widget / HTML element to add extra functionality to your website.


Third-party companies like often provide custom code that you can use to embed interactive widgets on your webpages. Copy the code they provide, paste it into a Widget / HTML element, and click Save.


You can also use the Widget / HTML element to add custom HTML to the <body> of your website pages. Edit the <head> section to add custom CSS that affects the whole website.



There are thousands of websites that can be integrated with a Jimdo site by using the Widget / HTML element. For a list of some of the services we love, check out our Tools page.


Some widgets require code to be placed in both the <head> and <body> of your website. To add code to the <head> section, click Settings > Website > Edit Head. Paste the <body> code into the Widget / HTML element where you want the widget to display.


Adding code to the Widget / HTML element can make your site unresponsive if it doesn't play nice with Jimdo. If you can't access your site after adding code to a Widget / HTML element, get in touch with our Support Team.