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Connecting External Domains

If you own a domain that is registered with another company and don't want to transfer it to Jimdo, you can still connect it to your Jimdo site.


To connect your domain to Jimdo, you'll first need to associate the domain with your Jimdo site.


  • If you're signing up for a new Jimdo site, enter the domain name and check the button that says "I am the owner of this domain." 
  • If you've already signed up for a Jimdo site, contact our Support Team and let us know which domain we should add to your Jimdo account. You can connect as many external domains as you'd like, but only one will be your primary domain.


In order to finish connecting your domain, you will need to change the name servers or add a CNAME entry through your registrar. Keep reading for more information about how to do that. 


Changing Your Name Servers

The best way to connect your externally registered domain with your Jimdo site is by changing the name servers. You should be able to make these changes on your own or by contacting your registrar's customer support.


Change the name servers for your domain to the following:


Changing your domain's name servers will disable any email accounts you are using with your domain. Be sure to back up all email prior to making this change. You will be able to recreate your email accounts through Jimdo after changing the name servers. You can also add MX records to continue using email with your domain registrar. If you are using Google Apps for email, you will also need to set that up after you change the name servers for your domain.

Adding a CNAME Entry

If you have email accounts, subdomains, or other services in use with your domain, you may choose to add a CNAME entry instead. This will not affect the use of those services.


Edit your DNS settings or contact your registrar's support team to add the following CNAME entry:  CNAME


Make sure to remove any A records in your DNS that are associated with the root domain, as you will not be able to add the CNAME entry until the root domain A records are removed. You can retain any A records not set for the root domain.



In the example above, yoursite may be different than yourdomain (e.g. You could have registered a JimdoFree site with the name and later upgraded to JimdoPro with the domain name If you need help figuring out how to formulate your CNAME entry, get in touch with our Support Team.


After changing your domain's CNAME entry, anyone visiting will see whatever you've created on your Jimdo site. If visitors entering (without the www) are not being directed to your site, please contact your domain registrar and ask that they redirect the root of your domain to point to the www version of your domain.