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Using Google Apps for Work with Your Jimdo Email

Google Apps for Work is a popular email service for anyone wanting to use the Gmail interface for their professional email accounts. With Google Apps for Work you can create additional email accounts under your top level domain name as a JimdoPro or JimdoBusiness user (e.g. While GoogleApps isn’t included as part of a Jimdo subscription, you can find out more about their pricing structure and how to sign up on their website here. 


Setting up Google Apps for Work with your Jimdo Email consists of three steps:

  1. Creating your Google Apps account

  2. Confirming that you are the owner of the selected domain name

  3. Customizing your Jimdo site for use with Google Apps

Creating your Google Apps account

Step 1: Select a Package

If you are a JimdoPro or JimdoBusiness user and have already set up your own domain name, simply visit the Google Apps website and choose an appropriate package (in this example we use the paid Google Apps package).


Enter your domain name in the first step and then complete the required information in the appropriate text boxes.

Once you confirm your input, your Google Apps for Work account will then be created. Continue the setup wizard on the Google website.


Google Apps for Work is not only inclusive of additional

email accounts, but also offers co-managed calendars for your team and the web-based office programs Google Docs and Google Drive.

Note: For any questions relating to setting up an account with Google Apps or its functionality, please consult the customer support team at Google. They will be able to answer your questions on all things Google.

Verifying your Jimdo website

Once you have successfully signed up for Google Apps for Work, you’ll then need to verify your domain name to confirm that you are the owner. This can easily be done by adding a line of code to the Head section your Jimdo site and changing your domain settings. We’ll explain how below:


A tutorial on setting up an account with Google Apps for work can also be found on Google's website here.

Tip: When following this tutorial we recommend opening a tab with your Jimdo website and another tab with your Google Apps for Work account in the same browser, side by side.

Step 1: Start activation

  • First sign into your Google Apps account and choose the Dashboard button from the first level of navigation.
  • Then click the Activate Google Apps button with the inscription.

Step 2: Find and copy the code


  • Choose the tab titled Alternate methods and then activate the sub-item HTML tag
  • Once the checkbox is activated, a line of code appears that you have to copy in the header your Jimdo website.
  • Highlight this line and copy it to your clipboard.

The correct code should look a little something (but not exactly the same) as this:

<meta name="google-site-verification" content="xyz123abc456"/>

Step 3: Paste code into your Jimdo website


  • Log into your Jimdo website, go to your Site Admin,  and choose Settings > Website > Edit Head.
  • Paste the line of copied code in the text box on the tab that is entitled ‘Entire Website’ and click Save at the bottom of the page. 

Step 4: Enable Google Apps for Work

Time to switch back to your Google Apps account and finalize the verification process by clicking on the red Confirm button located below the line of code that you copied in Step 2.


If you have followed all the steps of this tutorial correctly, a line of text should now appear confirming the verification of your domain.


Congratulations. You have now successfully verified your Jimdo website with Google Apps!


Note: To use the Google Apps for Work email functionality you’ll need to adjust a few more settings with your Jimdo website. Please also note that after the switch to Google Apps, your JimdoMail management will no longer be active. Everything about your emails and addresses will henceforth be processed through Google Apps.

Customize your Jimdo website to use Google Apps



Almost there! Now return to your Jimdo Site Admin and go to Settings > Domains & Email > Domains. This opens an overview of the domains that are linked to your Jimdo website. 


The first domain name that is listed here is your subdomain name that all users receive when creating their website with Jimdo.


The following domain/s will be the custom domains added to your website. 


Click on the Configure button next to the domain name that you have used for Google Apps for Work. 


Now you can set the email servers for your domain.


By default, Jimdo will be selected. Select the Google Apps box instead, then click on Save at the bottom of the menu.


Voila! Your email address is now working with Google Apps for Work! 

To access your email account, you’ll now log in on the Gmail website. You can also connect your email accounts with a mail client such as Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird or Entourage. You can read more about how to do this on the Google Help Center