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Looking for the perfect template? Let the filter below guide you to the right one.


Before you start, it's a good idea to get to know the parts of a Jimdo website.  We also have some guidance to walk you through choosing a template. Still on the fence? Remember that no decision is final. Jimdo's website builder is unique because you can change your template at any time and not lose any of your content. 


Once you've chosen a template you like, log in to your website and select it via the Templates icon in your Site Admin. 


Using the Template Filter

Here's a rundown of the different settings you'll see in the filter:


  • Category: Any Jimdo website can use any template. But, we've put together some recommendations for different types, based on whether you're building a blog, business website, or portfolio. 

  • Ecommerce: Any Jimdo template can have an online store. These templates work particularly well, mostly because they make it easy to build lots of product pages. 

  • Background Image: Most of our templates have the option of using an eye-catching, full-width background image. If you don't have a background image, you can still use these templates and just leave the background image blank. 
  • Sidebar: Choose whether you want your sidebar on the left, right, or across the bottom. Remember that your sidebar will show up the same on every page of your website. 

  • Menu: Your menu will help visitors navigate your site. "Normal" menus can be horizontal or vertical. There are also added features you can choose, like breadcrumb navigations, dropdown menus, or slide-ins. Read more about the different kinds of menus here. 

  • Width: Looking to display large photographs? Choose a wide template. Narrow templates will typically feature a sidebar on the left or right side. 

Did you know that our templates are named after the cities where Jimdo employees are from?

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