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Setting Up Your Logo and Header Text

Every Jimdo Template has a dedicated space near the top of the page for your Logo, a piece of Header Text, or both. These two items will appear on every page to help give your visitors a cohesive experience as they navigate throughout your website.


In many cases, you don't need both a logo and text in this area. If your logo clearly has the name of your business on it, there is no need to write the same name in the Header Text, so you can just leave it blank. If you don't have a logo yet, you can leave the Logo Area blank.


If you leave the Header Text or Logo Area blank, you'll still see a large empty block of space in Edit Mode, but this area will not appear when you look at your website in View Mode.


Adding a logo

To upload a logo, click on the block that says Logo Area. Then you'll see a prompt to select your logo file. For best results start with a .PNG file with a transparent background. 


You can adjust the size of your logo by clicking on the bottom corner of the image and dragging it to the size that you want. You can also align the logo center, left, or right. 


Please note we support the following image file types to be uploaded: .png, .jpeg and .gif.

Changing the Header Text

To change the Header Text, click on the existing text at the top or click on the block that says Header Text, and type in the text you want. Then, you can change the font, size, and color of this text using the Style Editor. 


Maximum logo size for every Jimdo template

Each Jimdo template has a maximum amount of space available for your logo:


Max. Logo width (px) Max. Logo height (px)   Template Max. Logo width (px) Max. Logo height (px)
Amsterdam 1270 500   Melbourne 970 200
Barcelona 950 300   Miami 1040 350
Berlin 950 400   Milano 250 300
Bordeaux 1014 300   new York 290 100
Cairo 910 154   Osaka 270 154
Cape Town 950 300   Paris 854 200
Chicago 348 150   Prague 910 200
Copenhagen 1030 250   Reykjavik 190 300
Dubai 390 200   Riga 790 400
Dublin 230 500   Rio de Janeiro 950 250
Florence 1014 300   Rome 290 200
Hamburg 332 200   San Francisco 1090 300
Havana 910 200   Shanghai 930 300
Helsinki 1030 200   Singapore No logo only title
Hong Kong 990 150   St. Petersburg 270 400
Lima 206 200   Sydney 890 300
Lille 950 300   Verona 952 300
Madrid 1160 300   Vienna 290 300
Malaga 200 120   Zurich 1090 140

Note: Learn more about the importance of logos and best practices for creating and using them.

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